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Языкознание. Иностранные языки
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92126. нелли [Краснодар, Россия]
22 июня 2022, 13:22
Языкознание. Иностранные языки

Добрый день. (Спасибо огромное за ответ на вопрос 92102 и в целом, - за незаменимость Вашего сервиса многие годы)
Можно помочь с подборкой занимательных фактов о Ереване на Английском языке? something original, not well-known. Weird, strange, unknown top-facts about Yerevan. Находятся (без Вас) только банальности и тривиальности( Нужны именно любопытные и занимательно-развлекательные факты на англ.яз. Thanks a lot in advance
Здравствуйте! Можем Вам предложить:
  • Interesting and Fun Facts about Armenia
  • Popular and Hidden Sights of Yerevan
  • 1.‘Merci’ is an acceptable form of ‘Thank You’ Armenian looks like an alien language and is hardly legible to anyone who is not Armenian. And to hear it spoken is no different. I try to learn basic phrases or words when I travel, but Armenia was no easy feat. Imagine my surprise when I heard the word ‘Merci’ as a form of ‘Thank You’. And that was the only Armenian word I learned the entire trip…
    2. Cars run on natural gas. A fun fact about Armenia is that it leads the way towards achieving 100% natural gas to reduce air pollution. In 2006, Armenia already had about 30% of their cars use natural gas. In 2015, the percentage increased to about 77% of the total population. Cars used by Armenia are converted so that engines can use natural gas instead of oil or diesel.
    3.Ladas are EVERYWHERE At least 1/3 of cars had to be Ladas. Okay, maybe 1/4.
    4. Yerevan has a deep, Soviet-style metro underneath it Yerevan metro system started in 1981 and like most old soviet metros it has quite deep stations. Yerevan metro covers approximately 13 km and serves 10 stations. However introduction of new minibus system in Yerevan has caused decline in number of travellers travelling in metro trains. At many of the metro stops are large underground shopping markets. You can buy $10 Nikes and Louis Vuittons here. Authenticity card not included.
    5. Armenians Celebrate Christmas on January 6th In Armenia Christmas is celebrated on 6th January every year. There are Armenian who fast in the week before Christmas. At the beginning of the month of December a big Christmas tree is kept in Republic Square in capital city Yerevan.

  • 6. Armenia is Home to Many and Some Rare Species of the Birds Armenia is home to over two-thirds of Europe’s regularly occurring bird species. This includes many species that are rare or difficult to find elsewhere. The avifauna of Armenia include more than 350 species of Birds and out of this nearly 13 are considered rare species. Some species found here are White storks, White-throated Robin, Caucasian Black Grouse, Horned Lark and special local plants including fritillaries, orchids and gladioli.
    7. Wrestling in Armenia: Wrestling is one of most popular Sport in Armenia today among other popular sports like football, weightlifting, boxing and chess. Wrestling is said to have deep roots in Armenia. Armenia won its first silver medal in summer Olympics in 1992 in Barcelona when it participated under a unified CIS team.
    Yerevan Half Marathon: Yerevan Half Marathon is an international event that attracts every year more and more participants not only from Armenia, but also from other countries. The distance to cover in half marathon is 21.0975 KM or 13.1094 miles to be precise. Yerevan, Armenia hosted its first half marathon event in the month of October in 2015. Yerevan Half Marathon
Конечно, не совсем занимательно-развлекательные факты, но может что-то и почерпнете.

 Natasha [Белгород, Государственная универсальная научная библиотека]

23 июня 2022, 15:10

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